Graphco is a fast growing company where we make self-adhesive labels. We are experts in offering quality products and personalized service.

Fast and personalized service

We understand that in this market, projects are always due for yesterday.

Rest assured that we offer you the fastest service.

A high quality product

We use materials of choice for all our projects.

So you get products that will be beyond your expectations.

Competitive prices

In addition to other strengths of our company, our prices are very competitive.

The added value that our products generates is greatly superior to their costs.

Examples of projects

Nutritional supplements containers

Identified Adhesive Tape

Maple syrup

Liquid Soaps

Bubble bath for children

The Graphco experience

Thanks to its team of experts and equipment using modern technologies, Graphco offers a wide range of labeling products of the highest quality. Throughout your projects, we will put our talents to work in order to offer you an impeccable service.

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Our team of experts will be at your disposal to discuss your project.

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